Intensive Training for Student Leaders

Students In Action empowers students to think big, choose their own public service passion, engage their entire school and broader communities, and create maximum impact.

Who We Are

Launched in 2006 by the Jefferson Awards Foundation and Deloitte, Students In Action develops high school students into community leaders. Currently active in communities across the U.S., the program encourages teenagers to positively impact their schools, communities and world.

We leverage our network of Media Partners, corporations, universities, local governments and non-profits to reach and promote the work of SIA teams and student leaders.

The Three Pillars of Students In Action

students in action goals

Students Work to Meet Goals

The Seven Goals help students build LEADERSHIP skills, supports their efforts to ENGAGE others in volunteer service, and results in positive IMPACT for their local communities.

  1. Engage the School Community
  2. Establish an Effective Leadership Team
  3. Expand Volunteer Capacity
  4. Expand Financial Capacity
  5. Tell Service Stories
  6. Grow and Expand the Mission of SIA
  7. Innovate
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What Students Say

“Participating in Students In Action has left me wanting to change the world one idea, one service project, and even one act of kindness at a time. It has allowed me to understand that giving back comes from true selflessness motived by a passion for life."

Jordan Folkes
Students In Action Leader

When surveyed, participating students said that being a part of the SIA has changed them...

How It Works

Here's how a year of Students In Action breaks down:
  • fall

    Students form teams and join other schools at regional leadership training conferences

    They use skills learned in Team Building, Values and Ethics, Leadership, Assessing Community Needs, and Project Planning to carry out activities that help build a culture of service in their schools

  • winter

    Students come together for a second round of training to develop skills in the areas of Fundraising, Marketing, Media, Project Management and Tracking Impact

    They use skills learned to grow service, plan successful events, share service stories, and to have a measurable impact on the wider community

  • spring

    Teams prepare written report and oral presentation for the Spring Competition

    Teams attend the Spring Competition and Celebration

    Top scoring teams represent their regions at the Jefferson Awards National Ceremony in Washington, D.C.

  • summer

    Students keep in touch with their teammates and encourage summer volunteer activities

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Local SIA Communities

SIA is currently active in communities across the United States.
Check out what's going on around the country in these locations:

If you would like more information about SIA, or to get in touch with your
specific region please use the form below to contact us:

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